About Us

There are times when the parents of children with Autism worry. They might need help at weekends, some dread the school holidays and many have concerns about what will happen when their son or daughter leaves school.

Walnuts Care Ltd. (WCL) was set-up in response to parents’ requests over many years. With a former association to The Walnuts School, a community, residential Special School in Milton Keynes for young people on the Autistic Spectrum the company was established in 2011, to develop services that could help meet a local and growing need. It is now totally independent of the school.

WCL has the following, simple objective :

  • To provide a range of support services for local families and for those affected by social, communication and interaction difficulties.

WCL is a not-for-profit company that is limited by guarantee. The company is also a registered charity. 


Programmes are both person-centred and fully flexible, designed to provide an integrated package that suits the individual and their family.

Walnuts College

Programmes are fully-funded. If you think your child may be suitable for Walnuts College please do get in touch.

Day Services

Available for up to 52 weeks each year and are staffed by our own experienced, skilled and knowledgeable staff.

Meet the Managers